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Nowadays, media development has many positive influences in human’s life. People have lots of sources to get information and take entertainment such as: television, radio, Internet, etc. However, nobody can deny the importance as well as the benefits of reading books. It helps us widen our knowledge. Vietnamese has a proverb which means that we should travel to broad our understanding, if we always stay at home with our mother, we will never be wise. Nevertheless, today, not only does reading books cost less money but it is also more comfortable than taking a trip. Thanks to the wide range of books such as writing books, listening books, grammar books or reading books, we will improve our expression ability like writing and speaking. The writing style of some our favorite writers will affect ours. Especially, when we read foreign literature, we will not only know more about that country but also have chance to improve our reading skills, learn new words which can be used to better our essays. Furthermore, reading books helps us relax after a hard-working day. It is also an interest for everybody who does not like to visit crowded and noisy places at the weekend. They like quiet atmosphere and do not want to disturb anyone so they consider books as their close friends. They meet their stories, their lives in books and they feel extremely sympathetic with the characters’ situations. Reading books make them happy and relieve stress.

In our school library-Nguyen Huu Tien school library, there a lots of interesting books for you to read. Below are the lists of some awesome books which you can find useful for your studying.

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