Unit 7: Traffic

Period: 57                           Unit 7:TRAFFIC

Lesson 3: A closer look 2

I. Objectives.

By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use “it” for distances, use “ used to” to talk about past habit or state.

II. Teaching aids:

- Projector.

III. Procedure

I. Class organization.

- Greetings.

- Checking attendance:  7A……….. 7B: …………..

II. New lesson.

Ss’ and T’s activities


1. Warm up.

Chatting: You have already learned it as the formal subject to indicate time and weather, climate,…In this unit, it appears to indicate distance.




It indicating distance

- T explains, then give example

1. Let Ss work by themseves and write down the sentences. T observes and help when and where necessary. After that ask some Ss to read their sentences. T corrects Ss’ mistakes.



2. Ss work in pairs. They ask and answer qustions about distances in their neighbourhood, following the example. Encourage them to talk as much as possible. T corrects their answers, and their pronunciation and intonation.

Used to

Explain to the Ss that used to is the same form for all persons. It is used to discribe an action, a habit or a state that happened regularly in the past, but does not happen now.

3: Practice:

3. Ss work independently, writing down the answers. Then let them work in groups to check and say out the sentences. T goes round giving help when and where necessary. Some Ss may write their answers on the boards. Other Ss give comments and T give corrections.






4. Let Ss work individually to rewrite the sentences in their notebooks.

While Ss do their task, T goes round to monitor the whole class. When Ss finish their task, call some to read out their sentences. Let others give comments, T corrects mistakes if necessary.














4. Consolidation:

5. Ss work in groups. They take turns to ask and answer questions. Then T may ask some Ss to report their result to the class.

One S may report to the class.

5. Homework

- Do exercise part A, B workbook

Prepare: Communication



I. It indicating distance

- We can use it in the position of the subject to indicate distance

1. Write sentences with it. Use these cues.

1. It is about 700 metres from my house to Youth Club

2. It is about 5 km from my home village to the nearest town.

3. It is about 120 km from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau.

4. It is about 384,400 km from the Earth to the Moon.

5. It is not very far from HaNoi to Noi Bai Airport.

2. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about distances in your neighbourhood.


A: How far is it from your house to school?

B: It’s about a kilametre.

II- Used to

- We use used to to describe an action or a state that happened regularly in the past but does not happen at present.

Example: There used to be many trees on the street, but now there are only shops.


(+) S + used to + V

(-) S + didn’t use to + V

(?) Did + S + use to

Watch out: In questions and negative sentences, the final “d” in used is dropped.

3. Complete the sentences with used to or use to and the verbs in the box below.

be    ride    play    go        feel

1. used to ride

2. used to be

3. used to go

4. Did…use to play

5. did…..not use to feel

4. Rewrite the sentences using used to.

1. My mum used to live in a small village when she was a girl.

2. There did not use to be (as) many vehicles on the road.

3. We used to cycle to school two years ago.

4. Now there are more traffic accidents that there used to be.

5. My uncle used to be a bus driver some year ago, but now he has a desk job.

5. Work in groups. Did you use to do those things? Ask and answer.

Example: Did you use to play marbles?

                Yes, I did






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