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Practice test 4 (Grade 9_advanced)

Practice test 4 (Grade 9_advanced)

I. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. KIEM TRA LAI BAI (I)

  1. A. cleanliness           B. reason                       C. peasant                      D. sweater
  2. A. artisan                B. craftsman                  C. memorable                D. traditional
  3. A. experience           B. experiment                C. impressive                 D. weekend
  4. A. zoology              B. historical                   C. popularity                 D. combine       
  5. A. comb                  B. plumb                       C. climb                        D. disturb
  6. A. souvenirs                        B. thorough                   C. through                     D. route
  7. A. primitive             B. family                       C. provinces                  D. heritage
  8. A. authenticity         B. autumn                     C. daughter                    D. because
  9. A. Purpose              B. welcome                   C. ironing                      D. competition
  10. A. heartily               B. heard                        C. learning                    D. earnestly
  11. A. exhausted            B. exhibition                  C. honesty                     D. frightening
  12. A. fashionable          B. delicious                   C. dictionary                  D. emotional
  13. A. advertisement      B. abandon                    C. organization              D. adulthood
  14. A. volunteer                        B. support                     C. situation                    D. feature
  15. A. manage               B. garbage                     C. math                         D. fabulous
  16. A. plough                B. although                    C. enough                      D. though
  17. A. swim                  B. sweater                     C. answer                      D. swallow
  18. A. please                 B. advice                       C. allowance                  D. base
  19. A. mischievous        B. character                   C. chemistry                  D. synchronize              
  20. A. passage               B. storage                      C. message                    D. teenage

II. Give the correct tense of form of the verbs given.


  1. His (take) ill was quite unexpected.
  2. It (not/be) for you, I would come home late.
  3. I’m sure they (complete) the new road by June.
  4. It was a boring show. I would rather (not/go) there.


  1. A lot of people (trap) in the (collapse) buildings (free) by the rescue workers so far.
  2. In the future, natural disasters (predict) accurately with the help of technology.
  3. I (work) on my report for three hours and I (finish) two thirds of it now.
  4. She would rather I (continue) my study, but I’d prefer (find) a job.
  5. Oh, John. I (look) for you everywhere. Where you (be)?
  6. English (learn) and (speak) by more and more people in the world.
  7. (Bite) twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog up.
  8. His roommate (always enter) the room without (knock) first, which (annoy) him a lot.
  9. The curricula of American public schools (not determine) by the federal government.
  10. He (not wear) uniform when you see him, because he’ll be on leave then, and they don’t wear uniform when they are on leave.
  11. It is essential that every student (know) how to use a computer.
  12. A shape with four equal sides and one right angle (call) a square.
  13.  Listen Donna, I don't care if you (miss) the bus this morning. You (be) late to work too many times. You are fired! 
  14. A: What do you call people who work in libraries? - B: They (call) librarians. 
  15. By this time next summer, you (complete) your studies and (find) a job.
  16. I'm sorry I can't hear what you (say) because everybody (talk) so loudly. 

III. Pick out the word whose stressed syllable is placed differently from the others.

  1. A. industrial            B. exhibition                  C. preparation                D. decoration
  2. A. sociology            B. climatic                     C. immediate                 D. politeness
  3. A. agriculture          B. architecture               C. literature                   D. manufacture
  4. A. photography        B. ministerial                 C. discourteous              D. incredible     
  5. A. lunatic                B. nomadic                    C. aroma                       D. heroic          
  6. A. convenience        B. affordable                 C. department                D. restaurant
  7. A. contribute           B. negatively                 C. medicine                   D. graduate
  8. A. facilities              B. solidarity                   C. performance              D. aquatic
  9. a. complain              B. destroy                      C. terrify                       D. imagine
  10. A. confidence          B. memorable                C. animal                      D. anniversary
  11. A. special                B. however                    C. picture                      D. beauty
  12. A. example              B. paragraph                  C. telephone                  D. favorite
  13. A. advantage            B. laboratory                 C. bamboo                     D. courage
  14. A. inability              B. normality                  C. pursue                       D. encircle
  15. A. energetic                         B. initialize                    C. argumentative            D. femininity
  16. A. command            B. effect                        C. mistaken                   D. peasant
  17. A. proceeding          B. solicitor                    C. suggestive                 D. terminate
  18. A. consider              B. cigarette                    C. research                    D. particular
  19. A. remember           B. discover                    C. sandwich                   D. tomorrow
  20. A. visualize                         B. theoretical                 C. detective                   D. illustrious

IV. Choose the best option in A,B,C or D.

  1. It is imperative that your face book password ________ confidential.

     A. need keeping        B. need to keep              C. needs to be kept         D. needed keeping

  1. You should look up the meaning of the new word in the dictionary________ misuse it.

     A. so as to not           B. to                             C. so as not to                D. so that

  1. I would be very rich now ________ working long ago.

     A. if I gave up          B. if I wouldn’t give up              C. were I to give up        D. had I not given up

  1. Nancy: “________” - Sue: “Great. Thanks.”

     A. Be careful!           B. Excuse me     !           C. How are you doing?   D. What are you doing?

  1. My brother need buy some pork and_______.

A. So need I           B. neither do I              C. So do I                    D. I do, too.                

  1. The noise of the airplanes _______from the airport over my house was unbearable at times.
         A. which taking off   B. taking off                  C. which was taking off  D. to take off
  2. Tony didn’t study hard for the test. His answers ________ from someone else

     A. can have copied    B. should have copied     C. would have copied     D. must have been copied

  1. It’s Gangnam Style________ makes many people, especially youths, become overexcited.

     A. which                  B. it                              C. that                           D. what

  1. People have used coal and oil to ________ electricity for a long time.

     A. cultivate               B. breed                                    C. raise                         D. generate

  1. Sally is so successful because she has complete confidence________ herself

     A. at                                    B. of                             C. in                             D. for

  1. The baby does nothing but________ all day.

     A. to sleep and to eat             B. to sleep and eat          C. sleep and eat              D. sleeping and eating

  1. ________ members of my family has a share in doing household chores.

     A. None of               B. Every                       C. All                           D. Each of the

  1. ________ the eldest of five children and trained as a teacher, Dick never married.

     A. Born                    B. Born as                     C. Being born                D. Being born as

  1. I hate being taken care of __________ I were a child.

     A. if only                 B. provided                   C. as though                  D. only if

  1. “Come with me. I’m seeing “The Killer” tomorrow.” -“ ______”
         A. Shall you?            B. Are you?                   C. Will you?                  D. Do you?
  2. We heard it ______ that Lola has got married.
         A. to be said                         B. said                          C. say                           D. saying
  3. While everybody else in class prefers working in groups, Mina likes working ______.
         A. on her own           B. on herself                  C. of her own                D. with herself
  4. ______ that we all went for a picnic.
         A. Such a fine weather was it                          B. It was such a fine weather
         C. So fine was the weather                             D. So fine the weather
  5. After World War I, Hollywood emerged ______ the movie capital of the world.
         A. such as                 B. in                             C. like                           D. as
  6. “Good luck in exams!” “______!”
         A. You too               B. Never mind               C. I hope so                   D. You mention it
  7. What did you think of the book?- ______ the books I’ve read. It was the most interesting.
         A. All                      B. From all                    C. Of all                        D. All of
  8. Not for a moment ______ the truth of the case.
         A. he did doubt         B. he doubted                C. was he doubting         D. did he doubt
  9. Why ______ to the city to look for a better job?
         A. not moving           B. not move                   C. not to move               D. don't move
  10. The richer you are, ______.
         A. the more you may become worried             B. you may become more worried
         C. the more worried you may become              D. the more worry you may become
  11. You should have contacted the police, not ______ the law into your own hands.

     A. to take                             B.  take                         C. taken                        D. taking

  1. The dish was so tasty that I asked for a second ______.

     A. portion                 B. share                         C. ration                        D. helping

  1. Something tells me that you ______ to a single word I ______ in the past ten minutes.

A. haven’t listened/ was sayingB. didn’t listen/ said

C. haven’t been listening/ have saidD. haven’t listened/ said

  1. George didn’t do well in the class because_______.

A. he studied badB. he failed to study properly

C. he was a badly studentD. he was not good study-wise

  1. Our former teacher_______ Nam on his contribution to the program.

     A. addressed             B. awarded                    C. complimented            D. congratulated

  1. As it was Christmas, the_______ at the church was much larger than usual.

     A. audience               B. convention                C. congregation              D. grouping

  1. “Do you like being married?” - “Yes, but I’m not used_______ every night.”

A. to cookB. to cookingC. cookingD. to have cooked

  1. It was very good, but I_______ many things since then. 

A. forgetB. forgotC. have forgottenD. has forgotten

  1. It is of great_______ to show your interest and politeness when you are having a job interview.

A. importance B. important C. importantly D. unimportant

  1. They do their work with such cheerfulness, _______ and unselfish dedication.    

A. friendliness B. laziness C. politeness D. shyness

  1. I admired him for being so confident_______ his age.

A. for B. at C. in D. on

  1. If it's raining tomorrow, we shall have to_______ the match till Sunday.

A. put offB. cancelC. playD. put away

  1. My mother works_______ a nurse in a big hospital. She examines the patients.

A. forB. asC. inD. at

  1. Because of the arid land and dry climate, not many kinds of trees and animals_______ in a desert

A. existB. growC. seeD. remain

  1. Jack: “Mary, remember to send my regards to your grandfather.”- Mary: “_______”

     A. You’re welcome. B. Thanks, I will.                        C. That’s a good idea.     D. It’s my pleasure.

  1. She is never satisfied_______ what she's got.

     A. to                        B. with                          C. for                            D. in

  1. Like many other baby birds, ducklings are blind_______ birth.

     A. of                                    B. at                             C. on                            D. from

  1. It was in 1875_______ joined the staff of the astronomical observatory at Harvard University

     A. that Anna Winlock B. Anna Winlock, who  C. as Anna Winlock        D. Anna Winlock then

  1. Not only_______ shade and beauty, but they also reduce carbon dioxide.

     A. do trees provide    B. trees provide             C. provide trees              D. trees do provide

  1. _______ of caffeine can result in restlessness, insomnia, and even delirium.

     A. Consuming in excess                                 B. The consumption excessive

     C. To consume excessively                             D. Excessive consumption

  1. Unlike fossil fuels, which can be used only once, wind and solar power_______ of energy.

     A. are renewable sources                                B. the sources are renewable

     C. for renewable sources                                D. renewable sources

  1. Football, rugby and baseball are the most popular_______ sports in Britain.

     A. watcher                B. looker                       C. amateur                     D. spectator

  1. After seeing the movie Centennial, _______.

A. the book was read by many peopleB. many people wanted to read the book

C. the book made many people want to read itD. the reading of the book interested many people

  1. Mai: “I can’t understand how you missed the exit.” Hoa: “Well, it was so dark that_______ ."

A. we could see the road signs hardlyB. hardly could we see the road signs

C. we could hardly see the road signsD. we could see hardly the road signs

  1. _______  where he tried to hide his favorite jacket, Mogie’s brother always managed to find it.

A. Much as B. However C. Even though

  1. The doctor gave the patient_______ examination to discover the cause of his collapse.

A. a thorough            B. an exact                    C. a universal                 D. a whole

  1. John has a monthly bank_______ sent to him so that he knows how much there is his account.

A. chequeB. balanceD. information

  1. His brother refuses to even listen to anyone else's point of view. He is very_______.

A. kind - heartedC. open - mindedD. absent - minded

  1. Population expansion seems to surpass the ability of the earth to meet________ food.

A. the necessity forB. the command ofC. the demand forD. the requirement of

  1. After years of being exposed to the sun and rain, the sign had become completely________.

A. unreadableB. readableC. misreadD. illegible

  1. “Would you like me to get a taxi?” - “________.”

A. Yes, please, if it’s no botherB. Well, let’s see.

C. That would be delightful. ThanksD. Yes, I see.

  1. John paid $20 for his meal, ________ he had thought it would cost

A. not much asB. not so much asC. less asD. not

  1. I'm worried about________ on so much work.

A. she taking B. she takes C. her to takeD. her taking

  1. Where did you buy that________ handbag?

A. funny leather purple B. purple funny leather

C. funny purple leatherD. leather funny purple

  1. “Follow me” ________ a very popular English teaching program on television in the 80s.

     A. used to be             B. was used to                C. was used to being       D. used as

  1. If he hadn’t lost his job last year, he________ a house of his own now.

A. can buyB. will buyC. could buy D. could have bought

  1. No one died in the accident, ________?

A. did heB. didn’t heC. did theyD. didn’t they

  1. Tom. "Thank you for your help." - Mary. "________ ."

A. With all my heartB. It’s my pleasureC. Never mind meD. Wish you

  1. His father left New York. The doctor suggested he________ there.

A. not stayedB. didn’t stayC. not stayD. not go to stay

  1. The biggest bank in our city has________ bankruptcy.

A. announced B. declaredC. claimedD. informed

  1. She said she________.

A. was very tired last night B. was very tired the night before

C. had been very tired last night D. had been very tired the night before

  1. We have bought extra food________ our friends stay to have dinner.

     A. in case                 B. if                              C. provided                   D. as long as

  1. I can’t possibly lend you any money, it is quite out of________.                                   

     A. order                   B. request                      C. practice                     D. question

  1. I don’t think that a toy-gun would be a nice present for him. I want something more______

     A. educational           B. intelligent                  C. clever                       D. interesting

  1. ______ you enter the library, make sure you have a pen and some paper.

     A. Until                    B. Because                     C. Before                      D. Although

  1. Remember to go ______your test paper to check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

     A. on                       B. over                         C. off                            D. into

  1. It was impossible for her to tell the truth, so she had to ______ a story.

     A. combine               B. manage                     C. invent                       D. lie   

V. Supply the correct form of the words given.

  1. As a result of her good _______, she's made a lot of achievements in her life.                  bring
  2. His success in the field of mathematics is _______.                                                       phenomenon
  3. _______, this TV program should be carefully censored.                                                           educate
  4. Several _______ have been eliminated so far.                                                               contest
  5. _______ is the study of animals and their behaviors.                                                     zoo
  6. The city council is thinking of building a(n) _______ system.                                        ground
  7. His contribution to the development of sports makes him a(n) _______ figure.                replace
  8. He bought that tie in a _______ shop at the airport.                                                       duty
  9. In all _______, they will be successful in their project.                                                  probable
  10. The composition should be _______; there may be spelling mistakes in it.                       read     
  11. He’s a university student majoring in_______.                                                              climate
  12. The teacher gave us a(n) _______ lesson on conservation.                                              introduce
  13. To be completely fair, we need a(n) _______ person.                                                    interest
  14. The inauguration ceremony was given_______ coverage.                                               world
  15. After working really hard for the examination, he deserved a(n) _______ holiday.           earn
  16. Such important work needs_______.                                                                           exact
  17. The article I read the other day was quite_______. That’s why I keep it for later reference. inform
  18. _______enough, no-one else has applied for the job.                                                     amaze
  19. Please check the_______ of the language lab on that day.                                              avail
  20. The tendency now is to_______ our cell phone ring tones.                                             person

VI. Read the following passage then do the tasks

Colors and Emotions

Colors are one of the most exciting experiences in life. I love them, and they are just as important to me as emotions are. Have you ever wondered how the two are so intimately related?

Color directly affects your emotions. Color both reflects the current state of your emotions, and is something that you can use to improve or change your emotions. The color that you choose to wear either reflects your current state of being or reflects the color or emotion that you need.

The colors that you wear affect you much more than they reflect the people around you. Of course, they also affect anyone who comes in contact with you, but you are the one saturated with the color all day! I even choose items around me based on their color. In the morning, I choose my clothes based on the color or emotion that I need for the day. Color, sound, and emotions are all vibrations. Emotions are literally energy in motion; they are meant to move and flow. This is the reason that real feelings are the fastest way to get your energy in motion. Also, flowing energy is exactly what creates healthy cells in your body. So, the fastest way to be healthy is to be open to your real feelings. Alternately, the fastest way to create disease is to inhibit your emotions.

  1. What is the main idea of the passage?
    A. Emotions and colors are closely related to each other.          B. Colorful clothes can change your mood.
    C. Colors are one of the most exciting experiences in life.        D. Colors can help you become healthy.
  2. Who is more influenced by the colors you wear?
    A. You are more influenced                                                  B. The people around you are more influenced
    C. both A and B                                                                   D. neither A nor B
  3. Which of the following can be affected by color?
    A. your need for thrills         B. your friend’s feelings             C. your appetite                         D. your mood
  4. According to the passage, what creates disease?
    A. wearing the color black    B. being open to your emotions
    C. ignoring your emotions     D. exposing yourself to bright colors
  5. The term intimately in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to.
    A. clearly                            B. obviously                              C. closely                      D. simply
  6. The phrase saturated with in paragraph 3 is closest meaning to
    A. covered with                   B. bored with                             C. in need of                  D. lacking in
  7. What is the purpose of the passage?
    A. to give an objective account of how colors affect emotions.  B. to prove the relationship between color and emotion
    C. To persuade the reader that colors can influence emotions and give a person more energy.
    D. to show that colors are important for a healthy life.

VII. Read then circle the best answer

Watching TV in England

In Britain, television causes more arguments between parents and children than 1_____else. British parents constantly complain that their children spend 2_____ much time watching television and not enough time doing other activities like sports and reading. A 3_____recently carried out on people’s viewing habits does not disapprove of this. It shows young people in Britain spend on 4_____of 23 hours a week in front of the television, which works 5_____ over three hours every day.

What is surprising, however, is the fact that the average adult watches even more: an 6_____28 hours a week. It seems we have become a nation of telly addicts. Almost every household in the country has a television and 7_____half have two or more. According to the survey, people nowadays don’t only watch television sitting in their living rooms, they watch it in the kitchen and in bed as well.

The Education Minister 8_____ a few weeks ago that Britain’s pupils should spend more time reading. Unfortunately, parents are not setting a good 9_____: adults read less than young people did. In fact, reading is near the bottom of their list of favorite 10_____. They would rather go to the cinema or hire a video to watch on television at home. Perhaps parents should change their own habits.

  1. A. something                    B. anything                    C. everything                   D. nothing
  2. A. as                                B. so                              C. too                             D. more
  3. A. investigation                B. report                        C. newspaper                   D. survey
  4. A. average                        B. about                         C. approximately              D. amount
  5. A. up                               B. out                            C. at                               D. with
  6. A. impossible                   B. amazed                      C. incredible                    D., surprised
  7. A. below                          B. over                          C. above                          D. more
  8. A. declared                       B. announced                  C. reported                      D. said
  9. A. mirror                         B. instance                     C. symbol                        D. example
  10. A. pastimes                      B. entertainments            C. interests                      D. hobbies

VIII. Read then insert a suitable word

In a village on the east coast of Scotland, people were waiting for news. Two of fishing-boats had been caught in the storm which had blown up during the night. In the cottages round the harbor people stood by their doors (1)_________worried to talk.

The rest of the fishing fleet had (2) _________ the harbor before dark, and the men from these ships waited and watched with the wives and families of the missing men. Some had (3) ____brought_____ thick blankets and some flasks of hot drinks, knowing that the men (4) _________be cold and tired. When dawn began to break over in the east, a small point of light was (5) _________in the darkness of the water and a few minutes later, (6) _________was a shout.

(7) _________long,  the  two  boats  were  turning  in,  past  the  lighthouse,  to  the  inside  of  the  harbor.  The men (8) _________helped out of their boats, and (9) ________they were stiff (10) _________cold and tiredness, they were all  safe.

IX. Read then circle the best answer in A,B,C or D.

There are several different kinds of faults in reading, 1_____ are usually more 2_____ with foreign learners. The most common one is that most people read 3_____ than they should. There is no rate at which people ought to read, of course; it depends on your purpose 4_____ reading, how difficult the language is, how unfamiliar the material is, and so on. But most people read everything at the same slow speed, and do not seem to realize that they can read faster or slower 5_____ required. Other people say the words to themselves, or move their lips- these habits slow the read down to something near speaking speed, which is, of course, much slower than reading speed. 6_____ habit which can slow you down is following the line with your finger, or with a pen.

If your want to be able to read faster, the secret is simply to practice 7_____ timed conditions. This means that you should give yourself a certain amount of time to read with understanding, then 8_____ your time when you have finished. It is stated by many researchers that students who have practiced fast reading even for only an hour a week, have shown average improvement of over 50% over a term of ten week’s duration. Reading fast does not necessarily mean 9_____  with less comprehension- in fact, usually students show a small 10_____ in comprehension as well as a dramatic increase in speed.

  1. A. that                             B. it                               C. which                         D. what
  2. A. exaggerated                  B. produced                    C. seen                            D. occurred
  3. A. faster                           B. slower                       C. more fluently               D. more accurately
  4. A. on                               B. in                              C. for                              D. of
  5. A. when                           B. if                              C. like                             D. as
  6. A. Other                          B. Another                     C. Others                         D. The other
  7. A. in                                B. by                             C. with                            D. under
  8. A. test                              B. inspect                       C. search                         D. check
  9. A. listening                      B. hearing                      C. reading                       D. noticing
  10. A. decrease                     B. increase                     C. fall                             D. rise

When I injured my back I had to take a break from my running career. I decided to introduce more women to the sport, to show them how much fun it can be and to give them the confidence to get out and run. I decided to start a running club for women in my area because I was annoyed by the attitude of many race organizers. They complain about the lack of women in the sport but also use this as an excuse for not providing separate changing facilities.

I put up posters and 40 women, young and old, fit and unfit, joined. All of them were attracted by the idea of losing weight but I don’t think they had really thought about running before. When or if they did, they had a picture of painful training. They didn’t think of chatting and smiling while running in beautiful places, like by a river.

At first they ran for only a minute - now they can run for thirty minutes. They’ve also learned from other runners about diet and keeping fit in general. I want to do something for women’s running and I have had so much pleasure watching their progress – almost as much as they’ve had themselves.

  1. What is the writer’s main aim in writing the text?
    A. to describe her own running career                                    B. to complain about race organizers
    C. to talk about women runners                                 D. to describe good running method
  2. What would a reader find out from the text?
    A. the best kind of places for running                         B. how runners can avoid injuring themselves
    C. the progress made by the women in the club                       D. the teaching skills of the writer
  3. What is the writer’s opinion of the runners she trained?
    A. They were too serious                                           B. They needed encouraging
    C. They couldn’t develop their skills                          D. They were difficult to train
  4. Why did the women join the running club?
    A. to have a good time                                              B. to meet other people
    C. to help them lose weight                                       D. to become top runners
  5. 50. Which of the following would be the best title for the club poster?
    A. Discover the Pleasures of Running                                     B. Riverside Running Club for Women
    C. Athletics Competition: How to Win                       D. Keep Fit by Training Hard




1. As a result of her good _______, she‟s made a lot of achievements in her life. (bring)
2. His success in the field of mathematics is _______. (phenomenon)
3. _______, this TV program should be carefully censored. (educate)
4. Several _______ have been eliminated so far. (contest)
5. _______ is the study of animals and their behaviors. (zoo)
6. The city council is thinking of building a(n) _______ system. (ground)
7. His contribution to the development of sports makes him a(n) _______ figure. (replace)
8. He bought that tie in a _______ shop at the airport. (duty)
9. In all _______, they will be successful in their project. (probable)
10. The composition should be _______; there may be spelling mistakes in it. (read

1. He’s a university student majoring in climatology. (climate)
2. The teacher gave us a(n) introductory lesson on conservation. (introduce)
3. To be completely fair, we need a(n) disinterested person. (interest)
4. The inauguration ceremony was given worldwide coverage. (world)
5. After working really hard for the examination, he deserved a(n) well-earned holiday. (earn)
6. Such important work needs exactitude/exactness. (exact)
7. The article I read the other day was quite informative. That’s why I keep it for later reference.
8. Amazingly enough, no-one else has applied for the job. (Amaze)
9. Please check the availability of the language lab on that day. (avail)
10. The tendency now is to personalize our cell phone ring tones. (person)

                  1. upbringing
2. phenomenal
3. Educationally
4. contestants


7. irreplaceable
8. duty-free
9. probability


In a village on the east coast of Scotland, people were waiting for news. Two of fishing-boats had been caught in the storm which had blown up during the night. In the cottages round the harbor people stood by their doors (1)__too_______worried to talk.

The rest of the fishing fleet had (2) _____reached ____ the harbor before dark, and the men from these ships waited and watched with the wives and families of the missing men. Some had (3) ____brought_____ thick blankets and some flasks of hot drinks, knowing that the men (4) ____would_____be cold and tired. When dawn began to break over in the east, a small point of light was (5) _____shining____in the darkness of the water and a few minutes later, (6) ____there_____was a shout.

(7) _________long,  the  two  boats  were  turning  in,  past  the  lighthouse,  to  the  inside  of  the  harbor.  The men (8) ____were_____helped out of their boats, and (9) _____though____they were stiff (10) ___for ______cold and tiredness, they were all  safe.


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